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Accessibility at Knowledge Network

Knowledge Network, British Columbia’s public broadcaster, is committed to improving accessibility. We want our trusted stories to be available to British Columbians and Canadians alike, including people living with disabilities. This work involves identifying, preventing and removing barriers to accessibility, and supporting the principles set out in the Accessible Canada Act as well as the Accessible BC Act.

We’re beginning the process to plan for the necessary improvements needed to move Knowledge Network toward a barrier-free organization. Accessibility is a continuous learning process that we’re incorporating into the culture at Knowledge Network and we’ll update this page as we reach new milestones.

Knowledge Network’s Accessibility Pilot Project

As a public media organization with a freely available streaming service, we recognize we have a lot to improve in digital accessibility. We’re excited to deepen our understanding by working directly with those living with disabilities. We’ve developed a pilot project to learn more about digital accessibility for video content platforms. If you’d like to help us improve our streaming service, we invite you to explore our Accessibility Pilot Project (opens new window) and welcome your feedback on it.

We Want to Learn from You

As part of our continuous learning in accessibility, we’d like to hear from you on how Knowledge Network can improve. If you have feedback on our organization’s content accessibility (e.g. closed captions or described video), digital accessibility (e.g. assistive technology use on our websites or apps), and facilities accessibility (e.g. Knowledge Network facility or events), please use our Accessibility Feedback Form (opens new window).